Proposition’s Come True…

On May 28 2007, the blog post/web post titled Nine Propositions Towards a Cultural Theory of YouTube was written to describe where and what the potential of YouTube was. The web post is about nine different ideas of YouTube’s place in popular culture and was written by Henry Jenkins. Henry Jenkins is a Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He has written twelve books on media and popular culture and has written for Technology Review, Computer Games, Salon, and The Huffington Post. The following are the 9 propositions included in his web post Nine Propositions Towards a Cultural Theory of YouTube

The Nine Propositions:

  1. The first he states is that YouTube represents a hybrid media space where various types of content can exist together.
  2. YouTube is the meeting point between different communities involved in the production and circulation of media content.
  3. YouTube allows amateur curators to utilize this platform to present content for various communities of consumers.
  4. YouTube’s values depend on other social networking sites
  5. YouTube is essential for the citizen journalist
  6. YouTube allows opportunity for translating participatory culture into civic engagement
  7. YouTube allows us to see changes in our cultural community
  8. Knowing how to utilize YouTube has become a necessary skill for young people to have
  9. Lastly, YouTube teaches us that a participatory culture is not necessarily a diverse culture.

It has been six years since this post has been written and although I can say that I believe all to have come true, I believe that the first three are the ones that have become most evident. Type in the word “car” in the search box in YouTube and 61,700,000 video results will appear. Also it is important to note that all types and levels of content are available. For instance, you can find commercial content as well as amateur content on cars. This is also an indication of the second and third point that Jenkins makes. To build more on the second and third points, we can look at one of the videos that appeared in the video results. This is a great example of amateur content.


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