Website Critique and Reflection


   The Proposal:    

       Upon reviewing my website, I noticed that there were various dissimilarities between my proposal, my template, and my final draft. Firstly, my website differs from my proposal in that the Basic Moves page did not include five different moves, rather it only included three. Also, I didn’t include the disclaimer on my page which is extremely important as it to protect both me as the instructor and the student from harming themselves. Although I didn’t follow what my proposal outlined, I believe it was better that I only included three moves rather than five on my Basic Moves page for a couple of reasons.

  1. You can’t teach every move through words, some require actual attention and detail to an instructors movements and this cannot be replicated online through numbered instructions
  2. I selected the three moves out of the five that could be taught through instructions.
  3. Five appeared to be excessive in the sense that, this is a beginner class. Too much writing and excessive amount of lists to go through to learn a move may become dreary and boring. I did not want to lose my students attention.

On the other hand, by not putting my disclaimer on my website I put myself as the instructor at risk of being sued if someone does experience injury. The disclaimer would’ve served the purpose of reminding the student to not push themselves so as to avoid injury. By not including the disclaimer, I don’t caution the students to be careful and again, put myself out in the open for a lawsuit.

                One of the most important things I learned about this project was that Web Design is hard, matter of fact it is very difficult. However by wanting to accomplish this website and have my vision come to life, that I learned so much HTML and CSS through trial and error. I learned that while my topic allowed plentiful amount of colors, themes, and designs, I realized that my website still required a sophisticated and professional look. Writing the content for my topic was not difficult, but simply piecing my vision together with HTML and CSS coding was the hardest part of all.

The Template Assignment:

                My design evolved tremendously from my template state to the final draft version. Originally I wanted two images on the top left and right of the screen with no background image. I wanted two columns below those two images and I wanted a main section in the middle of the page. My final draft template did not include some of these features because as I worked on creating the template and the design of the website I realized the two pictures on the top left and right corners did not contrast well with each other and the entire template. I decided to have a background picture instead which I completely fell in love with. I felt the two columns on both sides of the main section was excessive and very repetitive because not all the sites would require it. I used one column to balance my design out. Also the columns, main content, and navigation bar were all aligned differently and the proximity of all these elements was a lot closer than I expected.

Your First Draft and Peer Review: 

                My Peer review partner advised me to have 2,000 words in my website as well as include the video. I did go back and type more words to reach the 2,000 word count. And while I attempted to embed my video into my website over and over again I was unsuccessful. I reviewed different websites, tried placing the code differently into my HTML but did not work. I learned that by reviewing someone else’s website that everyone was having problems with either HTML or the CSS coding. I didn’t feel left behind as I thought I was when I first turned my assignment in.

The Instructions for the Website Assignment:

By reviewing the rubric in the instructions, I noticed the following:

  1. Correctness: I believe I exhibited correctness in my sentence structure, grammar etc.
  2. Content: I believe my content was concise and addressed my topic accurately. I did include a video but it would not work when I opened it in any web browser.
  3. Design: I think my design was great, however in two of my pages my logo was pushed to the far right side of the page and I could not figure out why it moved. One of my pages exhibited my navigation bar completely different than in the other pages, I know this is something I must fix. I think overall my design was awesome, but there are several changes that must be made to my website.
  4. Deliverables: My website had HTML, CSS, an images folder, and images.
  5. Specifications: I had all the specifications included in my website except the fact that the video does not appear.

Neilsen Norman Group Website:

                My target audience is beginner belly dance students. Because this is an instructional website, I believe my site is accessible to anyone. I would probably add more images and more playful design to catch the audience’s attention.


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