The Frugal’s Masterpiece

                Just two weeks ago I was invited to attend an Astros baseball game for a company event. Although I was excited and eager to attend my very first baseball game here at the Minute Maid Stadium, I shuttered at the thought of not having a single piece of clothing that had an Astros logo. And while everyone else in the office submerged themselves in conversation as to which jersey or t-shirt they were going to wear in the evening, I hid behind my desk ‘googling’ stores that sold Astros attire. I was aware that the store branch Academy would be my best bet for an Astros t-shirt however with the store being so far out of my way, I was keen to find a different store closer to me for the sake of time and money.

                Alas after searching through several stores close to my home, I found the shirt I was looking for. The following day I attended the baseball game in good spirit and enjoyed representing my home team with the rest of my co-workers and fellow Houstonian fans. However I couldn’t shake off how immensely complicated it was to search store by store simply to find a t-shirt. The process seemed almost primitive; the act of driving to different stores is something that is not common these days and can easily be considered foreign. In this day in age, when people search for something they pull out their cell phones and ‘google it’. Despite me ‘googling’ stores that sold Astros attire, I was unsuccessful in my search. And despite my adamancy to locate a nearby store close to my home to avoid going out of my way, I failed there too. I knew immediately that something was wrong with the picture: How else would one know about bargains if Google doesn’t know?

                This is when I thought of creating a website that would serve as a central location for different sales and bargains in the Houston area. The website would be dedicated to finding and listing the best deals in the city and surrounding areas. It will also include both online or in store sales in Houston. I envision having members on the website to create more of a “community”; people will have the ability to sign up and register their account on the website. The new member would complete an entry form and select particular interests, merchandise, or deals and can opt in to receive notifications such as emails or text messages from the website when there is a deal on their area of interests. I intend to include a forum in which members of the website can post different deals that they came across themselves that are not already listed on the site.

             The website would be titled, “Frugalities of Houston” with the mission statement “Sharing sales and deals to one Houstonian at a time”. I imagine the website having at least four pages: 1) The Homepage/Introduction 2) Houston Sales and Bargains 3) Houston Frugalities Forum 4) Member Info. The Homepage will include an introduction of the websites mission and will portray a person holding up money in their hands (to portray savings). The Houston Sales and Bargain page will be the feed in which all the discounts appear in the area. This page will also include a search box in which members can search for a particular item without going through the entire feed or changing their interests on the page. In the Houston Frugalities Forum, people will be able to post different deals that they have come across. The deals will also appear as a feed including the profile pictures of each person that contributes the feed.  The deals in the forum, if found to be true, can then be included in the second page Houston Sales and Bargains to appear under the feed. The last page will include information on the individual member, such as their personal information, interests, and profile picture. If a website like this existed when I had to search for my Astros t-shirt, this would’ve saved me money and time which was my intention in the first place.

                Yes one can argue that this would be much like a local Amazon website or a bargain loaded “Craigslist for Houston”, however I would argue against this notion on a different stance. My website would differ in that it would combine the Amazon website image and the “Craigslist for Houston” idea meanwhile serving as a host for a variety of businesses in the area with different sales and allow Houstonians to inform each other of different deals. The website is a great marketplace website for selling items abroad; however there is no opportunity for people to share items with each other. Jim Craig’s website can get away with allowing people to share information with each other but the website mainly includes used items under the for sale tab. My website would include new merchandise, allow members to share deals and bargains with each other, serve as a host for big brand stores and local business, and will primarily cater to Houstonians. Rather than searching different sites or traveling from one store to the next, this website would be the first place one would search for a discounted item in the Houston area.

                My idea for the website came as sudden as if a light bulb was turned on in my head. I envisioned a small mediocre/forum website where people could post deals around in Houston, but I could not settle for that idea. In order to make the website worthy and successful, it would have to be legit and dependable with an attractive appearance. I have created a website once before on a different subject, but this website is a project of a different dimension. I know that I am a great candidate for developing and creating this website not simply because this was my idea, but because I have a passion and understanding of what it could be, the small mediocre/forum, to what it should be, the successful, dependable networking site! I have experience creating a website and I understand the level of effort that is required, the creativity that it entails, and the dedication that is essential in making the website come to live. The idea for this website appears complex and different, but all website ideas seem that way in the beginning. Before, we would look through the advertisements for sales in our Sunday newspapers but now we can have the ability to find all of the same information if not more through this website, without shuffling through all that paper. Let’s put that primitive action aside and let Houston take advantage of Web 2.0. and create of a community of Houstonian Frugalities!




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