Interpersonal Communication though the Internet


     During an unusually cramped elevator ride to one of my classes, I overheard a fellow student say “Interpersonal Communication hardly exists in today’s society; people don’t talk to people face to face anymore because of technology”. Although I was not a part of the conversation, I dwelled on this question intensely after hearing the other student’s responses.

     While I agree that interpersonal communication is indeed lacking in our lives, in part I believe that through the advances in technology it has actually enabled us to interact even more at a different level. Despite the fact that we may not be interacting or conversing in person, the internet permits us to socialize through different mediums almost instantly.

     With that being said, I would propose a similar but different argument: our children are the ones who lack interpersonal communication at a young age. The lack of exposure to human interaction could potentially lead to unsocial lifestyles. We see this in young people these days; young children prefer to stay home and play video games rather to go outside and interact with other kids. Some kid’s version of interacting may only include socializing through social media.

     Some of us do fall victim to that assumption also, however our generation had a different childhood experience. We saw the home phone turn into a simple flip phone and the simple flip phone turn into a mini computer. In essence I do believe that our society does lack ‘in person communication’ however we do interact through different mediums, and with social media we are able to even more.



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